About Mother Nation

I’m a mum to two beautiful girls, and we love spending weekends exploring our Sydney surroundings.

You will probably already know how long it takes to get yourself ready for an outing; packing the baby essentials first, and trying to look presentable yourself. On top of that, I was frustrated with the lack of style, design and sizing available to breastfeeding mums in my size range. There was a time I would prefer to stay home, as I didn’t feel confident with the fuss of breastfeeding outside my home. So, in 2019, I founded the brand Mothernation.

My range is designed with your comfort and support in mind, as well as personal privacy when breastfeeding in public.  The “smart-casual” and “seamless” design guarantees a comfortable fit as well as feeling pretty and confident, without compromising breastfeeding-friendliness. All fabric qualities are carefully selected for both mum and baby.

If you are like me, and want to enjoy feeling like yourself (pre-baby!), during those precious months of breastfeeding, as well as feeling comfortable, you can be confident that my Mothernation creations will look good on, and feel amazing, anywhere and anytime.